SC Respite Testimonials - See the faces and hear the voices of those helped by your donations and support!

Maria and Family

“My son Hudson and I can’t thank the SC Respite Coalition enough for the opportunity to be awarded much needed respite. I’m a single mom from New Hampshire and we don’t have a support system here in SC. I had to have two major surgeries, and being able to have the respite, I was able to pay my sister to come to SC for the first surgery and my niece came to take care of Hudson for the second surgery. I was overcome with fear that I had to have surgery and not knowing who could care for my son adequately. The only alternative I would have had if we weren’t allotted the generous respite was to put Hudson in foster care until I was well. SCRC made it so Hudson and I could remain intact. As many people know, caring for someone with special needs is a 24-7 job. Not a lot of individuals can provide the care our loved one needs. However, the people that are able to provide care need to be compensated. SCRC was able to help financially and emotionally. There aren’t enough words to express how grateful and appreciative we are for having the SCRC play a pivotal and supporting part in our family dynamic. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.”


“We are doing fantastic rocking her extra chromosome during Pandemic life. Now I am a teacher, caregiver, mom, friend, nurse, chef lol 24/7. But we are healthy so we are happy.” -Maria

Melonie and son

“The respite voucher has been such a blessing! My sister Patricia has had multiple sclerosis for 33 years. I was able to attend some church activities, do some shopping and spend a few days at the beach without worrying about Patricia being taken care of. I really appreciate this program. Thank you!” -Shirley

Jeff with backpack

“The Respite Coalition has helped us. My son, Law, suffers from Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. He has daily seizures and needs constant care because of his condition. It is difficult to take family trips because of his medical needs. A respite care voucher from The Respite Coalition has allowed us to attend family events out of town and take a family vacation that we haven’t been able to do in the first 10 years of his life. We are deeply grateful for the Respite Coalition and everyone who donates to this worthy cause.” -Jeff

Brenda and son

“Raising a child with a rare disease is emotionally and physically exhausting. Getting a break as a caregiver has been so crucial for my husband and me. We can then concentrate on what medical needs our son has and are better parents in the long run. We could not continue on this long road without the funding from the SC Respite Coalition. Thank you for your support!” -Brenda