SC Respite Voucher Program

The focus of the Respite Voucher Program is caregiver relief. We award vouchers in the amount of $500 to eligible family caregivers.

Our staff works with each approved family to find the best respite option for their needs. Vouchers are only used to pay for breaks from hands-on caregiving.

They may not be used to:

  • Pay the family caregiver directly for the care he/she is providing
  • Pay a family member who currently resides in the home
  • Pay for care while the caregiver goes to work
  • Pay for care that occurred before the voucher was issued
  • Pay medical bills or purchase medical supplies
  • Offset the cost of paid care already in place.

The voucher program is funded by a variety of federal, state, and local sources. We focus on family caregivers with no other respite, those in middle age, and families on waiting lists, and coordinate closely with the ten Family Caregiver Support Programs statewide to provide respite to as many families as possible.