SC Respite Programs & Services

Respite Voucher Program

The focus of the Respite Voucher Program is caregiver relief. We award vouchers in the amount of $500 to eligible family caregivers. Our staff works with each approved family to find the best respite option for their needs. Vouchers are only used to pay for breaks from hands-on caregiving.

Training & Education

We provide information about respite to families and professionals, strive to increase awareness among family caregivers of the necessity and benefits of regular time off from caregiving duties, and offer training about caregiving and respite.


Breakrooms are spaces withing worship areas equipped to accommodate those with special needs. The intent is for caregivers to be able to attend worship activities while their loved one is cared for onsite. In addition to allowing the caregiver to have respite time, the loved one can be a part of the worship community and participate in activities.

Respite Services

The SC Respite Coalition can help with respite referral, coaching, training, and advocacy. We can also speak to groups to inform them about caregiving and respite.