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is regular temporary breaks from care giving for a person (of any age) having a disability, special need or chronic illness.  Respite is an essential service that keeps families together by protecting the health and mental health of the caregiver.  Whether you are a parent caring for a child with disabilities or a spouse or adult child caring for someone with Alzheimer’s, respite can help you continue caring for your loved one at home.

The SC Respite Coalition works to help families and caregivers get the breaks they need.  We are currently working to increase awareness of the needs of families within the faith community.  The SC Respite Coalition brings people together from different faiths to assist them in providing respite for those in need of a break within their own faith communities. 


to another fabulous  4TH  OF  July  NON-PICNIC AND NON- FIREWORKS DISPLAY  NOT  held – ALL to  benefit  respite.

 Instead you should stay home with family and think of other  families whose loved ones have special needs.     Just send….

$5     for the baked bean dish you DO NOT HAVE TO BRING (Hmm, where is that recipe, anyway?)

$10   for the NON- eggs you didn’t devil and balance in your lap to keep from sliding about on the plate!  

$15   for the NON-bucket of fried chicken. (Just like Grandma’s!)

   for the gas you DO NOT use to drive there. (You Think $25 will cover it these days!?)

$35   for the world’s largest NON-fireworks display (WITH trumpet fanfare and drums!)

   for the world’s largest NON-fireworks display and the hors d’hoevres AND watermelon we WILL NOT serve.

$75   for the world’s largest NON-fireworks display, NON-hors d’hoevres, and the door prize Knick-Knack         
you DID NOT WIN and have to buy another bookshelf to display!

$150  for the world’s largest NON-fireworks display, hors d’hoevres AND a NON-stay overnight at
        Holiday Inn with kids who are too wound up to sleep after all the greasy food and fabulous fireworks!

$195  for the World’s largest NON-fireworks display, everything else, PLUS a NON-sighting of Elvis!

$250  for the World’s largest NON-fireworks display, everything else, AND a NON-appearance by Democratic
         and Republican presidential hopefuls!

Mail your tax deductible contribution to:  SC Respite Coalition; PO Box 493; Columbia, SC  29202

Text Box: I/we will not come but want to help the S.C. Respite Coalition continue its  education and provision of respite vouchers to family caregivers!
Name:  __________________________________________________________________________________
Title & organization (if applicable)__________________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________           City: ____________________ Zip: _________   

E-mail: _________________________________      Phone(s): _________________________   Fax: _________________________
My check is enclosed.        Amount:   $ ____________      Signature:  _____________________________________________







Thanks to all participants of the SC Lifespan Respite Summit.  It was a wonderful day and
we’ll be formulating action steps, WITH YOUR HELP,
based on the reports of the work groups there.

Thanks to our sponsors who made the Summit possible


Hands and Hearts Homecare, Comfort Keepers-Midlands, TLC Your Way Home Care Services,
S.C. Assistive Technology Program, Sea Islands Comprehensive Health Care,
Columbia Adult Day Care, LeadingAge, Right At Home-Columbia,
The Ark - Summerville, Addus Home Care

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